4G tech to be installed in London Underground tunnels

19 Jul 2019

The installation of 4G technology will try to improve the commute experience of passengers travelling on the London Underground by giving access to reception on their phone. 

4G mobile phone technology will give commuters an opportunity to take calls whilst travelling, with the first tech being installed in most tunnels on the Jubilee line. The installation is expected to be ready by 2020, and Transport for London is also planning to give other lines the same feature in the future. Despite the tech offering better customer satisfaction, passengers must make sure to respect other travellers.
Transport for London’s head of infrastructure transformation, Mark Bulle explained, ‘People could have their commute interrupted – but at the end of the day it’s up to people whether they take the call from their boss.’ He predicted that people will be more interested in connecting for data services, saying ‘You should be able to stream live sports.’ 

The procedure to get 4G tech running in London’s Underground will be a tough one due to the way that the tunnels were constructing to mirror the public roads, above them. 

With access to calls and video streaming, passenger interaction with publications like the Evening Standard, may decline. 

Britain is following a number of countries who had already given access to calls in subway systems. Before this installation, passengers could only take calls from stations. The Tube is one of the busiest public places in Britain that did not have phone reception. 

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